Pevensey Castle, Battle Abbey and St. Mary’s church

Hello all,

Yes, yes, I know, it’s been a while but I’ve been a busy bee! I decided that I should try to give you a chronological account of the past week while I still have wind in my sails. So let’s start with June 5. We went to the historic site of the Battle of Hastings, which took place in 1066. We started by visiting Pevensey Castle, where there was once a Roman fort dating back to the 4th century. William the Conqueror landed there in 1066. Have a look:

Pevensey Castle 1

Pevensey Castle 2

Pevensey Castle 3

Pevensey Castle 4 

Next we went to see Battle Abbey, which William the Conqueror had constructed as a monument to the thousands who died there. Its missing walls made me think of Sweetheart Abbey, which I visited in Scotland; such a mix of strength and vulnerability, it always moves me.

Battle Abbey 1


Battle Abbey 3

Battle Abbey 4

As you all know, my favourite jewellery store is Magpie, so here are a couple of pics of magpies for you:

Magpie 1

Magpie 2

I fell in love with this sculpture…a queen, I forget which one now! Mark, do you remember? You have a great memory, right?

Sculpture in Battle Abbey

On the grounds of the abbey we saw more rabbits than I’ve ever seen in my life! So very cute 🙂 I took out my trusty zoom lens, they are a little fuzzy as I didn’t have a tripod, but better than nothing, right?


lapins 2

They had a Royal Oak pub there as well, nicer than ours might I add:

Royal oak

They also had some lovely plants on the grounds:

Belle fleur

Fleur blanche


We also visited St. Mary’s church, which is the first church the Normans built in 1080. It was small and there were tombstones propped up around it, I’d never seen that before:



Every hassock was unique and was done by needlepoint:


And everywhere I went it seems, I found daisies, my favourite flowers!


All in all, a lovely day! 🙂

Sadly the pics have to be greatly reduced to fit into the blog so if you want to see any of them full size, email me!


4 Responses to Pevensey Castle, Battle Abbey and St. Mary’s church

  1. Mark says:

    I think it is Queen Mathilde, William the Bastard (aka Conqueror)’s wife. It is a lovely sculpture.

  2. Kat says:

    gorgeous pics — especially loved the interior shots of the abbey…

    re: the limits on the pics in the blog — maybe you could link to them on a Flickr space from your blog?

  3. europilote says:

    Thanks Mark, yes, that’s it!

    Kat, thank you for the compliment! Yes, I’ve created a Flickr account, I just need to take the time to load my pics now! Hope to do it soooon! x

  4. Paul says:

    The Words of Guy (Wido), Bishop of Amiens (1058-75), who wrote, in Latin elegiac couplets, an account of the Battle of Hastings. Here, Harold is laid to rest, having been killed by William, Eustace, Hugo, and Giffard. His mother tried to ransom for his corpse, but William refuses, yet gives it a proper burial.

    corpus enim regis cito sustulit et sepeliuit;
    imponens lapidem, scripset et in titulo:
    ‘per mandata ducis rex hic Heralde quiescis,
    ut custos maneas littoris et pelagi.’
    dux, cum gente sua, plangens super ossa sepulta,
    pauperibus Christi munera distribuit.

    For he quickly took up and buried the body of the king,
    and having placed (on the tomb) a stone, he inscribed into the tablet:
    ‘Through the orders of the Duke, Rest here, King Harold.
    May you remain as guardian of the shore and sea.’
    The Duke, while mourning over the buried bones with his own people,
    distributed alms to the poor.

    Having translated just about the whole of that poem, I’d love to see the site one day myself. Thanks for the pictures!


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