Michelham priory

Here I am going back in time again, back to England — I miss it there if truth be told, it was so quiet and soothing there…On June 6 Mark and I went to visit Michelham priory. Here is a little blurb from Sussex Past’s Web site:

“England’s longest medieval water-filled moat, Michelham Priory’s “Island of History” reflects its nearly 800 year existence. The house dates back to 1229 when the Priory was founded and was lived in by Augustinian canons until the Dissolution in 1537. After this time, the Church of the Holy Trinity was destroyed and the house underwent various transformations including the addition of an extensive Tudor wing. The range of furniture and artefacts on display trace the property’s religious origins through its life as a working farm and its development as a country house. Exhibits include tapestries, furniture (including some made in the 1920’s/1930’s specifically for the then owner), kitchen equipment and a fully furnished 18th Century child’s bedroom.

The annual Garden Sculpture Trail features works by local artists and are specially selected for their merit and their ability to complement the garden.” http://www.sussexpast.co.uk/property/site.php?site_id=15

Here are a few pictures:




There was a beautiful swan who quite liked having its picture taken:



I really loved this place; such a pastiche…we were greeted by an elderly gentleman who had what sounded like a Scottish accent. His name was Alexander Davies and he turned out to be such a hoot!! Here he is:


The people who work there as guides are all volunteers and it turns out that Mr. Davies had only been volunteering there for 2 weeks! I have rarely met someone as passionate and excited about sharing his knowledge as he (albeit sometimes a little shady) — he was like a breath of fresh air; good for the soul. He was clearly very happy to find a captive audience in Mark and myself and was very keen on telling us all he knew. Every few minutes he would exclaim: “incredible, isn’t it!?”, it was so cute!! His favourite thing was to walk from one wing to the next and say something like: “we’re stepping 200 years into the future”! The most peculiar thing about him was that he kept contradicting himself about his ancestry and his careers…he was quite the character! Although the building itself was fascinating, Alexander helped make our visit even more special. He was very proud to have his picture taken and seemed quite happy when I told him that I would post it on my travel blog!

The vast sculpture garden was truly spectacular; I felt like a child on an Easter egg hunt! You didn’t know what you would discover next, it was great! There were so many beautiful plants too:










And they had lovely pear trees; I didn’t know what they were at first as I’d never seen one before!


This post has taken for ever because the Internet at the hotel is sloooooooow. I received no responses to the emails I sent out for the flats so I will have to buy a cell phone tomorrow and start calling! I may have to stay in another hotel for a couple of days while I get things sorted; we shall see! That means that I will probably not be posting anything this elaborate for a while!


2 Responses to Michelham priory

  1. Daniel Cadieux says:

    Wow! You’ve taken some really stunning photos! Beautiful!

    • europilote says:

      Why thank you! I love taking photos and I’m still getting to know my camera! I hope to take classes at some point so that I can take full advantage of what it has to offer! x

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