Off to Galway I go!

After spending four days in Dublin, I’ve decided that I should go explore a couple more places before I decide where to settle! Dublin is a nice city but it doesn’t feel very “Irish”, if you know what I mean! Almost everyone is from somewhere else, hardly anyone is friendly either, people are in a rush, it’s survival of the fittest here! I crave a quieter, slower, friendlier place so off I go to the complete opposite side of Ireland: Galway! I find it fascinating that it only takes 3 hours to get there by train, but even more fascinating yet is the fact that yesterday I paid €10.50 for a very basic breakfast in Temple Bar and today I paid €17 for my train ticket!! I’m going to be adventurous and take the city bus (€1.50) from my guesthouse to the train station as the taxi would cost more than the train ticket!!

I am told by everyone that they just LOVE Galway; it’s artsy, people are friendly, it’s more “Irish”! At some point I really want to visit the Aran Islands, which are right near by! I am staying here:

The reviews are awesome!! After my experience in Dublin, I look forward to a warm welcome! I can’t wait to leave the place where I am now.

I purchased a cell phone yesterday for the first time in my life! The guy who served me was in shock to hear that I’d never had one and was kind enough to install my SIM card and my credit for me — phew. The nice thing is that I can call anywhere in Ireland and it’s not long distance! I spent the evening trying to figure how to use it! I think I’m doing well apart from texting, which I tried today and failed; I ended up calling Aidan instead of texting him!!

À suivre…


3 Responses to Off to Galway I go!

  1. AS says:

    Hi Sharlène,

    I just read your entire blog from beginning to end and it reads like an adventure novel. The pictures are also lovely and punctuate your text in an exquisite fashion. I look forward to reading the next chapters!


  2. europilote says:

    Merci Alex!! Je suis contente que tu aimes le lire! C’est long à faire mais ça vaut la peine!


    Sharlène 🙂

  3. thomas byrne says:

    hi im tom the owner of hearts of galway where you bought your ring ,im delighted you like it ,i really enjoyed reading your post ,all the best

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