Back to Dublin I go!

This will be a quick post! I tried to find a place to live in Galway but it turns out that the city banned bedsits (studio or bachelor apartments) here and because it’s such a small place, there is nothing available unless you are willing to share with 6 other strangers (or live in really sorry looking places), which I am not! I checked out the situation online with respect to Cork and there was not much for rent there either so I have come to the sad conclusion that I must return to Dublin! There are so many studios available there at an affordable price so I’ll make the most of it! I’m sure that part of the reason why I didn’t like Dublin was because of the way I was treated at the guesthouse and I am sure that I can be happy there. On a positive note, it’s much easier to travel from Dublin and there is more to do and see. So the search for a flat begins again…oi. I have already done all my research and this time I have a phone so I’m hoping it will go smoothly and I plan on taking the 1st place that suits me!

I have been feeling very strange lately, a feeling I’ve never felt before, as though I am floating and I have nothing to anchor me…it’s unsettling but I suppose it’s to be expected; I am all alone here and I have no kind of routine, no job, no home…They say that people feel culture shock even more in countries that are more similar to their own because they expect things to be the same and yet there are so many different things! You take for granted the fact that at home you know where to go if you want to buy something basic like suitcase for example (one of the wheels on mine broke the day I arrived in Galway so I had to buy a new one) but in another country you have no idea where to find one nor what a good price is! Anyway, just a small example to give you an idea! I’m sure that once I’ve found a place to live I will feel better; I am still happy to have chosen this path though, don’t get me wrong, I am learning and my life will be richer thanks to this experience.

I will continue my Galway post soon; including a description of how wonderful my hosts at my b&b were — Imagine, they drove me to the bus station this morning!! So sweet!

I will be staying at Avalon House Hostel in Dublin 2 for the next three nights; I hope I get it all sorted soon, I crave some stability (and home cooked food)!

Sha πŸ™‚


2 Responses to Back to Dublin I go!

  1. reykjavik2008 says:

    I totally understand! While living in the UK, certain things were all the more difficult because you expected things to be like they are at home. Service standards were the biggest thing–there the customer is NOT number one. But you just have to accept the differences and relish the experiences, which is sounds like you are!

    When I visited Dublin I wasn’t that interested in a tourist sense, but I had the impression that it would be a lovely place to live in, so I’m sure you’ll find a great spot once you leave the touristy centre.

    Best of luck!!

  2. europilote says:

    So true about service standards!!

    I am sure you are right about leaving the touristy areas, and of course, it will be quieter once the summer is over!

    Sha πŸ™‚

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