Fun days to come :)

This evening I went to the Stitch & Bitch in one of the local cafés and I had a great time! All the women were Irish, although I’m told there are two other Canadians, they just happened not to be there tonight! It felt good to talk and laugh and just unwind; I will go every Tuesday! The café is really cool too — we were seated on the lower level where they have comfy couches and coffee tables. I’m glad I decided to go! I am knitting this Aran (aran knitting is the kind done in the Aran Islands btw) sweater for Aidan’s son Adam (Aidan is my only friend here in Dublin): Adam was there when I purchased the yarn and the needles and he kept saying: where’s my sweater? He’s only three and couldn’t wrap his little mind around the concept that at some point my gigantic ball of yarn would be transformed, thanks to a few sticks, into a beautiful sweater for him!

I was checking out Lisa Hannigan’s Web site last night (she’s an amazingly talented Irish singer) and I noticed that she was playing in Galway on Thursday of this week so I checked to see if there were any tickets left and sure enough!! So on a whim I decided that I would head over! I contacted the b&b in which I stayed last time and they had room so I’m off on Thursday. While I’m there I have decided to visit Salthill on Thursday before the show, then go on a day tour of the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren on the Friday, then I will see the Aran Islands (I’ll bring the aran sweater I’m knitting!) on the Saturday and finally I will likely stay an extra day and go on a day tour of the Connemara region! I’m really excited and looking forward to it! I’ll finally get to hear people speak Gaelic and I am told that the scenery is beyond breath taking. I can’t wait, my spirits have risen today, that is good. 🙂


One Response to Fun days to come :)

  1. Martha says:

    checked out Lisa Hannigan — really great stuff. thanks for mentioning her. 🙂
    hope the sun shines for you soon………….

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