Well fancy that, I thought I’d surprise you and actually make a blog post while I’m on site! I’ve not done that in a while!! I landed safely in Liverpool yesterday and decided to take the city bus to my hotel. It turned out to be quite the experience, I was sitting there thinking, am I crazy or do I smell pot? I noticed this guy sniffing around too and he looked at me and said: “you smell that too??”– yup! Then two very intoxicated men came on board and one almost fell down several steps on his way up to the top level of the bus…the joys of double deckers!! The driver was super friendly and remembered to let me know where to get off (unlike the ones in Dublin…) and my hotel was just a couple of minutes on foot from there! The hotel is far from luxurious, but it’s in a great location and it’s clean. The only problem is the mattress…it’s rock hard, I couldn’t really sleep last night, I think I got a little under 5 hours…which, of course, made for a bit of a challenging day today but I managed! So this post won’t be as detailed as some; no historical facts for you this time, you’ll have to look them up if you’re interested!!

I was really happy that the sun was out when I left; it was meant to rain all day. The wind was out of this world though, I wish I had taken my jacket with me, not just a cardi!! I started by visiting St. George’s Hall, which is a minute walk from my hotel:

Liverpool 047

Liverpool 048b

Liverpool 050a

Liverpool 036a

Liverpool 037a

There was a lovely park in the back:

Liverpool 020b

Liverpool 024a

Liverpool 026a

There is a heritage centre inside and the ladies who worked there were so very lovely! Ahhh, what a change from Dublin…I went on the self-guided tour, which I really enjoyed. Sadly, I could not visit the great hall from the main level; I could only see it from the top floor and the way it’s designed, with all the columns, it’s impossible to get a good shot. I really loved the stain glass windows and the organ was just stunning…one of the nicest I’ve ever seen I must say:

Liverpool 085a

I am fascinated with images of dragons so I loved this stained glass window:

Liverpool 097a

Then I headed to the Walker Gallery! It’s a lovely buidling too and right next to it is the Central Library and the World Museum:

Liverpool 007a

Liverpool 010a

Liverpool 015a

Liverpool 112a

Liverpool 114a

These wee girls were soooo cute:

Liverpool 137a

Liverpool 138a

I LOVE this shot (actually, I took so many stunning shots today…Liverpool makes it easy!!):

Liverpool 144a

I really loved my visit to the Walker gallery; as soon as I entered a really nice gentleman gave me a plan of the museum and then he came back to see me and asked whether it was my first visit and when I said yes, he suggested an order in which to see the various rooms and he kept coming over to see me throughout my visit! Cutie 🙂 Then I had a nice soup at the restaurant and the girl behind the counter asked me about my camera; turns out it’s her dream camera so I let her play with it for a while — she said I made her day! I ended up taking illegal pics in one of the rooms — I noticed upon leaving that I wasn’t allowed to take them in that room only! Oops! Ah well, nobody caught me 😉 I took many photos there but I won’t post them as I must really get to sleep now! Tomorrow I am heading out to the docks, which are a UNESCO world heritage site; I will take one of the famous ferry rides, visit the Tate gallery (hope it’s as awesome as the one in London), check out the Liver buildings and visit the two cathedrals. The catholic cathedral was designed by an Anglican and the Anglican cathedral was designed by a catholic! Just goes to show that in the end, it doesn’t really matter…I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and I am sad that I didn’t book an extra day here. I really love Liverpool and wished I felt the same about Dublin. Ah well.

Tomorrow evening I am going to have supper with my friend Chris:


Chris was complaining that I’d not talked about him in my blog, so here we go: Chris makes me laugh, a lot, I look forward to meeting up with him tomorrow! Are you happy Chris? Then later we are meeting some of his friends at a pub for a few pints. Yes, me, beer.

Night night for now!

Miss you guys x


7 Responses to Liverpool!

  1. shannon rae says:

    hi. i am jealous of your travels and wish i was having beer with you and cute boys.

  2. Martha says:

    hi Chris — now tell Sha to post some photos of her with UK scenery behind, so we’re sure she’s really there. 😉
    ha ha

  3. Kat says:

    I love the pic with the statue and birds. You sure you weren’t on an Alfred Hitchcock set? 😉

  4. AS says:

    Je savais bien, Sharlène, que tu serais convertie à la bière durant tes aventures outre-Atlantique!

    Je continue de lire ton blog régulièrement et tes commentaires (de plus en plus teintés de “l’accent” de là-bas 😉 autant que tes photos m’enchantent. J’ai presque l’impression de visiter ces magnifiques endroits par procuration.


  5. europilote says:

    Thanks Kat! No no, the birds weren´t the creepy type 😉

    Alex, j´ai fini par boire 5 bieres ce soir la, dont une tres bonne biere belge aux framboises que je ne connaissais pas avant!! Le nom m´echappe la…je suis contente de savoir que tu lis encore mon blogue et que tu l´aimes!! J´aimerais tellement pouvoir afficher plus de photos mais ca prend du temps!! J´espere que tu te portes bien! Bisous, Sharlene 🙂

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