Before I gather the courage to go through the 8 GB of pictures I took during my trip, I wanted to tell you about something really cool that happened with respect to my blog! Back in the the beginning of July, I blogged about my trip to Galway, in particular, I wrote about the postcard exhibition entitled ”An Post C Both Sides” and posted a picture of one of the many I had seen that day. Well, it turns out that the woman who wrote it, found my blog and was really happy to see that her postcard had figured in the exhibition!! This is what was written on her postcard (the pictures was too small for you to read it, I believe):

“My Grandmother’s Embrace”

My grandparents came to America at the end of the century. Like so many others, they hoped for a better life and like all too many they found poverty and death. My father and his siblings were orphans who struggled for a piece of the dream. My father wanted to see Ireland but never made it. I am now living here temporarily and it is a blessing. I always wondered about my granparents…”

Kelly posted the following comments about my entry:

That’s my postcard! Thank you so much for posting it. My relo ended before the show began and I really hoped it would be shown.

Ireland meant the world to me.

Best wishes!


When I asked her how she found my blog she wrote:


Curiosity got the best of me and so on a whim I did a search for “An Post C Both Sides” and most sites were just announcements for the show or calls for postcards, etc but yours looked different and so I clicked your link.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Total luck.
A truly great gift.

I’m so honored that you like it. When it was voted one of the favorites on the website I was really excited but knowing that it actually toured Ireland made my day.

Blessed travels!


What are the odds? The Internet truly does bring us all so much closer. I love it! It’s interesting because I wanted to take pictures of many of them but I figured I had to limit myself so I picked Kelly’s because her story was similar to mine. Well, it makes my blogging all the more worthwhile.


2 Responses to Serendipity

  1. Martha says:

    cool story! serendipity, indeed. technology, at its best, is about helping create personal connections like these.

  2. europilote says:

    Very well said Martha! We know something about that, don’t we?

    Sha 🙂

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