My trip to Central Europe: post-mortem

I’m sorry for the delay in posting about my most recent adventure in Central Europe but I needed some time to digest it all upon my return. I’ve always been the type of person who feels sad when things end; even things I didn’t like…this strong feeling of nostalgia envelops me and just want it all back the way it was. I loved this trip so much that I was truly sad when I came back to Dublin; I felt a little empty and alone. I went from talking to so many different people every day and discovering such beautiful things to being confronted with my far from perfect little flat…Before I left, I was a little worried about language barriers, getting from one city to the next and using the local public transportation systems on my own (I was warned about pickpockets and such) but it turns out that I had nothing to worry about. This was my first major trip on my own; it took me such a long time to book my hotels and find a good deal on plane tickets but all the preparation paid off because everything went perfectly! I feel that I am continuing to grow and gaining more and more confidence through my adventures. I truly do miss so many things about Ottawa but I have no regrets. As soon as I find a new place to live, I will start the job search process and start leading a more “normal” life. I look forward to working, meeting people and will continue to travel on weekends throughout Ireland and put off any bigger trips ’til the spring! My friend Julie is going to come visit me mid-November — yeah!!

Exactly 4 months ago I left Canada a very different person…may the next 8 months be full of chance meetings, travels, friendships and maybe more…


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