Galway Girl

Again I am very late in posting…but I always have such a great excuse! Those of you who follow me on Facebook can skip this post because you’re already in the know!

As you may recall, I decided to give my 4 weeks notice to my landlord in Dublin before I left on trip. I started to ask myself whether I should stay in Dublin or whether I should try my luck in Galway once again. The thought of moving to Galway has been haunting me ever since I went back to Dub, and I just couldn’t imagine myself living in Dublin until the end of my adventure so I figured, that’s just what this is, an adventure, a time to take chances, not to play it safe. And so on the 3rd of October, I took off and went to visit a few places in Galway. I decided to take the second place I saw because it was a two-minute walk from the sea and I just fell in love with the neighbourhood. The flat on the other hand was not in very good condition but I figured I should give it a whirl anyway as I may not find a better one in Dublin…like I said, the standards here are way lower than they are in Canada and unless you’re willing to pay a fortune for what they call “a luxury flat” (the equivalent of a normal, clean flat by Canadian standards), you’re outta luck! I returned to Dublin the same day (which means I crossed the country TWICE in a day, not something we could do back home, eh?).

I met a really nice German guy on the bus who was actually sitting behind me on the ride over to Galway too! His name is Ralf and he is doing an internship at a translation firm in Dub for the next five months. We met up a couple of times over the course of the week; first at a really great Irish Pub called The Cobblestone where they have Irish sessions (Alex, j’ai bu trois bières). Then, on my last night in Dub, we met for supper at a nice Nepalese restaurant, followed by an outing to a pub I like called Messrs Maguire where I had a good pint of Guinness (it’s slowly growing on me). Before going to the pub we took the time to admire the beautiful light show called “Playhouse” that was being displayed on Liberty Hall, the tallest building in Dublin (which actually isn’t very tall at all! They have strict rules, buildings can be no higher than 8 floors) as part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival.

“Playhouse has been created by installing over 100,000 tiny LED lights in to the window frames of 330 windows on the south and west faces of Liberty Hall in Dublin’s City Centre. The LEDs are attached to a flexible circuit board which is run around the frame of the window using Velcro to keep it in place. Over 2 kilometers of Velcro was used in total; the use of which greatly simplifies the installation and removal process.”

They have a program on their Web site that the public can use to create their own design, and if it is picked, it will be displayed on the building! It was very beautiful to see the lights reflecting on the Liffey and the moon shining bright beside the building.

Dub last night 140

Dub last night 141

Dub last night 169

Dub last night 170

Dub last night 148

Ralf is a great conversationalist and it was really nice for me to have some social contact; I had a lovely time! I had met up during the day with my friend Aidan and his son Adam in Temple Bar followed by a visit to the Hugh Lane Gallery. It was quite the day!

The following day was crazy! I finished packing up and cleaning my flat, mailed my nephew Thomas’ birthday gifts, returned some movies, then took a cab with all my stuff (one suitcase, two backpacks, a messenger bag, my duvet rolled up and a cloth bag — and to think, I left Canada with just my messenger bag and my suitcase!) to catch the bus to Galway! Of course, it was raining when I got to the city centre and I had to wait outside for about 45 mins in the rain, with all my gear! The bus ride was hellish this time; there were four incredibly loud, nasal and obnoxious Mexican men sitting right by me…oi. Once in Galway I caught another cab to my new place in Salthill. This is where the icky part starts…

I arrived at the flat, started unpacking my stuff and realized straight away that I could hear every single word my neighbours above me were uttering, not to mention them banging away when they walked…and I don’t know what else they were doing up there but it sounded like total chaos! This lasted ’til 11:30 p.m. When it stopped, I decided to go make up my bed; I was looking at the mattress and noticed all kinds of little black specks on it…I thought it was just fuzz but then I noticed the specks were moving…ewwwwwwwwww. They were tiny little black bugs!! So I freaked out and almost started crying; I had just signed a six-month lease and paid a deposit for this dump and the landlords were on vacation in England…I sent them a text but got no response so I decided I would have to sleep on the mini couch (tiny) in the living room. I was so stressed and uncomfortable that I only slept 3 hours. The following day my landlords called and the woman said she didn’t believe in bed bugs, they were “fairy tales”! Right…whatever…but she said she would get me a new mattress, only it would have to wait ’til Monday. I told her that bed bugs required more that just a new mattress; the place had to be disinfected by a specialist etc…but she apparently thought I was overreacting…anyway, she said she would let me out of my lease and return my deposit but I should think about it after I had a good night’s rest (like that was going to happen!!). So the day after (yesterday) I went looking for places and the 1st one I saw was amazing!! It’s a brand new one bedroom in a house. The landlords are a young couple with 2 kids and they live in the house, which is perfect!! Everything is sparkling clean and lovely; oh and it’s sooo quiet! I went to see one more place but decided upon this one right after! The landlady was so happy, as was I! She’s a total sweetie, she keeps asking me if everything is OK as it’s the 1st time she rents a place out so she’s all worried about me being satisfied with everything. Turns out to be cheaper than the other place because although the rent is 20 euro more a month, the heat is included in this one, as is the refuse and the internet (refuse and internet alone = 35 euro a month). I moved in last night, unpacked everything and felt at home right away. I feel safe and truly content here, finally!! Here are a few pics:



These were the ones they used on the rental Web site, I’ll take better ones soon, including the bedroom and bathroom, which are big! This place is so ideal, it takes me 15 minutes to walk to the city centre and 5 minutes to a little shopping centre, where there are two grocery stores (alas, they don’t have a Tesco, which is my favourite, but there is one in the city centre). I did two grocery runs today as well as two loads of laundry! When I was walking around my neighbourhood, the people I came across would smile and say hello, which rarely occurs in Dublin let me tell ya! It was such a great feeling, after all these hard times…I know I made the right choice now and finally feel at peace. The job search will commence at the end of the week! Hope it doesn’t take too long, I look forward to earning some euro.

Sharlène, the Galway Girl 🙂


2 Responses to Galway Girl

  1. Jean-Mi says:

    Wow, ça a vraiment l’air beau Sha! T’as trouvé le jackpot! Je suis content pour toi. Enjoy!


    • europilote says:

      Merci coco!! Oui, le jackpot certain! C’est tellement tranquille aussi et les proprios sont tellement gentils! J’adore me promener ici, les gens sont souriants et te parlent; tout à fait le contraire de Dublin! Je suis heureuse. Là j’espère juste me trouver un emploi bientôt! Je commence la recherche active lundi! Bonne chance avec votre déménagement à la fin du mois, j’ai hâte de voir des photos!

      Bisous, Sha xoxo

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