From Bratislava I took a very short train ride to Vienna. They are the two closest capitals in the world. I met some very funny American women on the train. One of them clearly had had breast implants (she was a tiny woman with a VERY large bust), her nose done, had blue contact lenses (she was Asian, it looked weird) and was totally fake and baked. They were getting drunk and offered me a glass of wine (although there was a sign beside them saying drinking was not allowed on the train), which I declined.

When I arrived in Vienna, I took the bus to my pension, which was perfectly situated, right in the heart of the action. The woman at the pension didn’t speak a word of English and there were no signs with the name so I was starting to wonder whether I was in the right spot! Sure enough I was. She got very agitated because I was speaking to her in English. She was quite rude, I was surprised! Anyway, we got things sorted and I went up to my room which was lovely! It was bigger than my flat, believe it or not. Austrians are known for their cleanliness and you could tell by the attention paid to my room. I was quite pleased.

The first night I walked around trying to find a nice little restaurant nearby and I met three people from the Czech Republic. One of them came up to me, thinking I was Austrian, and said with a perfectly straight face: excuse me, but could you please tell me where we could sit down for a pint and not feel like we are hopelessly under-dressed? I laughed and told them I had just spotted a quaint little Greek restaurant and was on my way there, if they wanted to follow me, and so, they did! We had a really nice evening. They were fascinated by Canada and regarded me as an exotic creature. They asked me all kinds of questions and told me they had never met a Canadian before! It was nice to socialize a little and I went back to my room feeling happy about my first night in Vienna.

The following day I took off to roam around and I was floored by how beautiful everything was…wow.






I think this shot is really cool, the modern graffiti with the classic buildings in the background:


I found out why I had such difficulty finding a hotel in Vienna (I had tried for two days, only to be refused countless times); it was because there was a conference that 15 000 people were attending! It just so happened that while I was in Vienna, there was an agricultural festival and there were people dressed in traditional Austrian costumes everywhere! I had the urge to burst out into song: “The hills are alive, with the sound of music” but thought better of it. Many great photo opportunities came out of the festival!





They had all kinds of little food stalls in front of city hall so for lunch I had some Greek food. The man serving me was very flirtatious and he gave me a free shot of ouzo!  Then I decided I had no other choice but to have some of the famous apfelstrudel when I saw this:


It was fresh out of the oven and it was the best apple strudel I’d ever had!

As I was taking pictures of a clown who was making balloon figurines for the kids, he stopped and said: I saw you taking pictures of me and I think you should have someone take one of the two of us together. And so I did, to make the clown happy! He then asked me out for a date and told me that he thought I was beautiful. Well folks, that’s a first, I never thought I would some day be asked out on a date by a clown; not sure whether that’s a good, or a bad thing, hehe. He gave me his phone number and told me if I needed anything, he would come running. Needless to say, I didn’t end up calling the clown… Turns out that I was very popular with Austrian men as two others asked me out while I was there! One was a very gorgeous man by the name of Adrien, who ended up giving me a very good deal on tickets for a wonderful performance at the Kursalon.


This is the lovely Kursalon, where Johann Strauss gave his first concert in 1868.


I arrived there early for the show so I waited on a bench, in a park at the rear of the building. I noticed a man who kept looking at me, he finally came up to me and introduced himself and sat beside me. He said he couldn’t stop looking at me and that I had beautiful eyes and a very mysterious look…oh la la. He wouldn’t stop complimenting me and asked me out. He gave me his number and stayed with me until the show was about to begin. Again, I did not call him as he came on wayyy too strong…but still, good for the ego. 😉

The show was really amazing and it even included some dancers and some opera singers. The room was gorgeous:



The concert was really good and I’m happy I decided to go!

I went to loads of art galleries in Vienna! I discovered a talented artist by the name of Egon Schiele, who sadly, died at a very young age. And of course, there is the famous Gustav Klimt! I went to the Belvedere Palace so that I could see, among other stunning pieces, “The Kiss”. I was floored by its beauty. Alas, photos were not allowed inside, but here is one of the palace.


The weather was stunning the whole time I was there and I met the most interesting people in Vienna. Here are some more shots:








I saw some very interesting people here:






Wow, this post has taken me ages! I wish I were back there now. Vienna is a vibrant city full of beautiful art and architecture and very nice people; I had a really lovely time. 🙂


6 Responses to Vienna

  1. Lisa says:

    Glad to see you had such a great experience in Vienne, Sharlène! I found it to be a cold city, but you’ve convinced me to give it another try! Then again, I was there in December… 😉

  2. europilote says:

    Ahhh, yes, the sun may have helped!! But honestly, that’s where the most people talked to me and made me feel very welcomed (apart from my pension!!). 🙂

  3. Dan C. says:

    Content que tu t’es tellement amusée à Vienne. Ton “post” me rappelle de beaux souvenirs de la ville. Tes photos sont superbes, en passant. Merci pour le partage!

    • europilote says:

      Merci coco! Je suis heureuse que tu aies aimé mes photos et que tu as toi aussi de beaux souvenirs de cette belle ville! 🙂

  4. Kat says:

    gorgeous pictures! cute story to boot 🙂

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