My travel map

Travel Map

I’m too lazy to redo this map but I have been to the following places since: Leuven and Brussels, Belgium, Delft,The Netherlands, Helsinki, Finland, Tallinn, Estonia, Riga, Latvia as well as Nida and Vilnius, Lithuania. All special in their own way. 🙂


2 Responses to My travel map

  1. europilote says:

    These are all the places I’ve been to in my life, not only during my year abroad!

  2. Edeltraud Seliger says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! Your photos are wonderful and make me want to tour Europe. Of course, I’m “stuck” in Asia … 😉 I was thrilled to see photos of Prague, which I visited in 1971 (!!). I had been persuaded to take the train there to visit a fiend’s parents, something that she and her new husband were prevented from doing because they had left the old Czechoslovakia without permission. It’s a long story, but seeing your pictures makes me want to go there of my own volition this time. And of course, Vienna, my ancestral home! I was seriously thinking of including a visit there on my next trip to Canada, but alas, round-the-world trips are not what they used to be. Sigh. I really enjoyed your photos and comments. If not for you, I would still not know what the attraction is to visit Ireland! Thanks for clearing that up, LOL. 😉 Trudy, also over thirty. WAY over thirty. 😉

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