Where I want to go!

In Ireland:

  • Aran Islands (been to Inis Mór, would like to visit the 2 others)
  • Ballymena: where nanny (Edith) and pappy (Henry) Smyth were from.
  • Belfast
  • Brú na Bóinne Complex (Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth) — one of the two UNESCO World heritage sites in Ireland (built before the pyramids and Stonehenge!)
  • Cashel
  • Céide Fields
  • Cliffs of Moher (sadly, in the pouring rain…)
  • Clonmacnoise
  • Cork
  • Dingle peninsula
  • Fore Abbey and church (county Westmeath)
  • Galway
  • Giant’s Causeway
  • Glendalough (county Wicklow)</span>
  • Hill of Tara
  • Kilkenny
  • Knocknarea (where Queen Medb — she who intoxicates —  is said to be burried upright to face her enemies in Ulster!!)
  • Limerick
  • Loughcrew Cairns county Meath)
  • Ring of Kerry
  • Skellig Michael (county Kerry) — one of the two UNESCO World heritage sites in Ireland
  • The Book of Kells (Dublin)</span>
  • The Burren (county Clare)

Elsewhere in Europe:

  • Berlin
  • Budapest
  • Cambridge
  • Ceský Krumlov
  • Greece
  • Fair Isles
  • Hebrides
  • Isle of Man
  • Isle of Wight
  • Liverpool (such wonderfully friendly and warm people here and it’s soooo beautiful!! Loved it!)
  • Manchester
  • Munich
  • Orkney Islands
  • Paris (a return trip to see Pierre-François and Fatima!)
  • Portugal
  • Prague
  • Shetland Islands
  • Vienna

12 Responses to Where I want to go!

  1. Keith says:

    The best meal I had in Dublin (albeit six years ago) was at the Irish Film Centre – worth checking out!

  2. europilote says:

    Thanks Keith, I’ll check it out for sure! I’m almost certainly going to live in Dublin 🙂

  3. Papa says:

    Tu as un horaire très chargé mais pourquoi pas; aussi bien essayé d’en voir le plus possible !! Pop XOXOx

  4. Fati says:

    Salut Sharlène,

    ça fait plaisir d’avoir de tes nouvelles et j’espère que tu vas passer un bon moment en Irlande. Quand tu seras là-bas, il faut absolument que tu ailles faire du shopping chez Penneys, où tu trouveras des vêtements super pour des prix très très bas.
    A très bientôt (je vais suivre tes aventures irlandaises :o)

  5. europilote says:

    Ah Fatima, tu me manques! J’espère pouvoir te rencontrer en quelque part au courant de l’année! J’aimerais bien avoir de tes nouvelles!

    Je vais aller chez Penneys et je penserai à toi!

    Bisous xoxo

  6. Pierre-FRancois says:

    Et PAris alors dans les autres endroits a visiter en Europe. Je compte bien te voir cette annee quand meme!


  7. europilote says:

    Oui oui, c’est juste que je suis déjà allée à Paris mais je l’ai ajouté!! Tu vas me voir, certain! Je n’ai pas eu la chance de bien visiter Paris en fait, j’ai hâte! Ça fait trop longtemps que je ne t’ai pas vu aussi!!

    Sha 🙂

  8. jason says:

    hi shar, well i can recommend eating at gallagers boxty house in dublin. we had a couple of lovely meals there. you are seated on bench seats so could be sat next to a complete stranger- but not or long! the food is excellent, not the cheapest but lovely colcannon.
    also he trip to the wicklow ountains, a minibus which runs from the tourist info office is fantastic.
    if you havent been already, you must go to phoenix park. it is the largest park in europe.
    The guiness storehouse factory visit is also worth a visit – if you like the black stuff that is!!
    well for live music you are spoilt for choice in dublin. temple bar area has a multitude of bars ith live muic but do tend to be abit of a forced atmosphere due to the number of tourists. try the oliver st john gogarty f you can find it.
    merrion square is also lovely, a small park surrounded by georgian property , containing a statue of oscar wilde .
    for a quaint shopping experience try powerscourt town house. a large georgian mansion convertedin to a mall.
    trinity college is also a must , the buildings and the book of kells is housed there.
    number 29 is also worth a visit. it is on fitzwilliam street (near st stephens green) it is a georgian house restored and decorated in the period around 1800. very interestin place.
    well , there ought to be a few things there to interest you. i wil post any others i remember!

    • europilote says:

      Hey Jason!

      Thanks for all the tips! I’ve been to Merrion Square (it is lovely) and the Powerscourt Town House (which is very cool albeit VERY expensive)! I plan on going to Phoenix Park, Trinity college (the Book of Kells = weeee) and the Wickow tour!! Not sure about the Guiness though 😉 Lots left to explore!! 🙂

  9. Tony says:

    Great blog, and very interesting list of places. Only been to a few of the myself despite growing up in Europe. Had you thought about Scandinavia? I did a trip to Norway and the scenery was out of this world – the fjords, the Lofoten Islands, the 24h daylight! (I went in June).

    It did rain a fair bit, mind…



  10. Maude Martineau says:

    Bonjour Sharlène!

    Je ne sais pas si ton blogue est toujours actif… Je m’essaie quand même et t’envoie mes voeux pour l’année 2011!! Où es-tu en ce moment?

    De mon côté, la famille grandit! J’ai maintenant une petite Lily dans ma vie qui est née le 6 octobre 2010.

    Au plaisir,

    Maude xx (ancienne collègue de Cilfo)

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